Hey, EDTC 300 Fam!

I’m Zunaira, and this is the last semester of my degree! That fact is something that still feels so surreal to me; these four years have flown by extremely quickly. I am an English major and an Inclusive Ed minor, and I’m looking forward to passing on my passion for both when I start teaching.

I’m so excited to learn more about technology as an educator. When it comes to technology in general, I’m familiar with sites/apps such as Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Goodreads, and most of the Google workspace apps.

Some of these, such as Twitter and Instagram, I’m more used to as social platforms rather than professional ones, so I’m excited to see how I can implement them in my career. I know there are huge teacher communities on both!

I was able to use Google apps (such as Docs, Slides, Classroom, etc) during my internship and I found that my students and I both loved them. They made handing things in and marking super fast and convenient. Also, the quiz feature was great for formative assessment and exit slips! If anyone has questions about Google apps, feel free to ask me and I’ll help as best as I can.

I also love Goodreads — it’s like a social network for book lovers. I work at Chapters, I’m an English (preservice) teacher, and so, of course, I love books. Goodreads is the best because you can track not only how many books you read throughout the year, but your progress for each book as well. I introduced this app to my students during internship and they ended up using it to track their reading progress for their novel studies. It’s a small little thing but they loved it, and best of all, it made them want to read! I highly recommend looking into it.

When it comes to blogging, I’m looking forward to learning more because I have started a number of times and end up feeling overwhelmed. I run a “bookstagram” where I review and recommend books, and last year I started a blog to go with it. I ended up feeling like a blog was a lot more to keep up with and it didn’t get very far. Hopefully, this class can help me learn how to blog efficiently without feeling stressed about a time commitment or a “quota” to fill, and to instead see it as something to enjoy. I think there is so much potential for blogging to help connect to like-minded people, whether it is related to a passion or to professional development. Also, I’ve learned that the blogging platform is the most important thing and that it’s vital to use one that’s best for you. I personally love WordPress, and some others that I’ve tried and tested include Wix and Weebly. WordPress seems to be the easiest to use, to me anyway.

Some of the things I love include:

  • reading (you can check out my “bookstagram” here)
  • writing poetry
  • coffee
  • listening to (and discovering new) music
  • watching Marvel movies
  • reading Marvel comics
  • buying Marvel merch
  • …okay I just really love Marvel
I love anything Spider-Man related! Fun fact: I designed that Venom shirt myself and got it printed. A fun project that I took on back over the summer.
  • spending time with my family (especially my 5yo brother)
  • finding new cafes to study/read at
  • the great outdoors
  • scented candles
  • my two kitties (they have their own instagram too!)
Lilly and Enzo!

Feel free to connect with me! Follow this blog, and you can find me on twitter here.


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