Learning Project #1: Hand-Lettering

For my learning project, I’ve decided to try my hand (ha!) at modern calligraphy. This is sometimes called hand-lettering or brush-lettering. I was intrigued by this because I started bullet journaling last year and I want to make mine look a little more fancy.

To do this, I will mostly be using instagram and youtube — the bullet journaling and hand-lettering communities are very active on these platforms, and there are countless videos to choose from.

As well, I discovered a website called Skillshare, which offers free (and paid) only classes and tutorials on just about anything. I found a few different hand-lettering teachers on there that I will look into.

Here are a few of them:


















7 thoughts on “Learning Project #1: Hand-Lettering

  1. Zunaira, you have chosen an interesting learning project! It is so nice when teachers decorate their rooms, label name tags, write nicely on posters, etc.as it helps to create a nice classroom environment- being able to do this will serve you well in your future teaching career! I know for myself I do not have the nicest writing so this would be a very daunting task for me! Best of luck throughout your learning project, I am sure you will do great!

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    1. Thanks! I never thought about how this could be used in the classroom, but you’re so right — I can definitely customize my future classroom and make it an appealing place to be for my students.


  2. Calligraphy videos on Instagram were always so mesmerizing to me. I actually had bought calligraphy pens to start learning it myself. However, I just never found the time to learn it. I hope you have more motivation than I do. I can’t wait to see what you write! Best of luck!

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