Feedly-ing Me Amazing Content!

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I honestly cannot believe that I have never used Feedly before. I didn’t even know it existed until last week, but now that I do, there’s no going back! It is such an easy website/app to use, and it seamlessly organizes content to suit my needs. I am just trying out the free version for now but I’m seriously considering upgrading in the future because the searchable hashtags make it so that I can literally sort these websites and articles based on any of my interests, not just career-related ones.

For instance, the three feeds I chose to create are #Education, #EdTech, and #Poetry. The first two are feeds that can help me better my practice as a teacher, and the last is one that can aid my creativity. It actually also allows for access to content that, as an ELA teacher, I can save and use in poetry units in the future; I really want to break out of the cycle of using just the “classics”, as great as some of them are.

When choosing which websites to add to my feeds, I actually utilized my twitter account. I chose a lot of the websites that I follow on twitter already, because I know that I find their content interesting. I also used the “preview” feature to browse through recent articles on those sites, to see if they appealed to me. Also, I realized the importance of keeping an eye on the “articles per week” and “relevance” bars at the bottom of each accounts blurb. For instance, I saw a website that seemed interesting because of its tagline: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”.

I was immediately drawn to this, but upon further investigation, I realized that the last post on this website was 11 months ago! Now, I don’t think it’s ideal to include this website in my Feedly, as I want it to be current. However, I ended up bookmarking this website anyway because some of the articles on there are well-written and I definitely want to read more. That’s another perk of Feedly — the ability to discover new blogs, news sources, and educators that are using technology to share resources and tips with their fellow teachers.

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One thought on “Feedly-ing Me Amazing Content!

  1. Thanks for sharing Zunaira! I completely agree with your feelings on Feedly. I feel like I’ve been missing out! It is so refreshing to scroll through a social media site and see one educational article after another.

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