Learning Project #2: “The Three P’s” of Hand-Lettering

Caroline Winegeart over at Hand-Lettering for Beginners has proven to be a great source of information on my journey, and she is super organized! I stumbled across her blog and was excited to see that she had a post on getting started where she mentioned “The Three P’s” of hand-lettering. These are:

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Process
  3. Practice

What she means by this is, first of all, you must pay attention to fonts and writing around you. There is no one set font that must be used for hand-lettering; it’s about your own unique style. However, a lot of hand-lettering is inspired by the larger community, and it’s a good idea to become familiar with different styles.

Secondly, take your time. This is not a skill that can be learned overnight. It’s okay to make mistakes, and try things differently!

Lastly, as with most skills, practice makes perfect. It’s a good idea to try out different styles and practice with different tools and methods.

To start off, I am using a few different writing tools. These include Zebra MildlinersPaperMate Flair pens, and double-ended markers from Buffalo. I’m using this Piccadilly sketchbook to practice in; the paper is really good for practicing using different mediums.


One of the tips I’ve learned from Hand-Lettering for Beginners is trying to make the downstrokes thicker, which can be done by either using more pressure, or by thickening the downstrokes after writing out the words. To start this journey, I decided to try my hand at writing out the concept I’m trying to instill in my brain: The Three P’s! I wrote out the title with a black marker, and then thickened the downstrokes using a purple marker for contrast. For the actual points, I tried to use the purple marker only, and I tried putting more pressure on the downstrokes. I don’t really see too much of a difference, but that could be because of the marker I used. I think I much prefer the “thicken-after-drawing” method. Something I would want to focus on for the future is making sure my thickening is even throughout so that the letters look more uniform.


I’d love any comments, feedback, or suggestions! Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “Learning Project #2: “The Three P’s” of Hand-Lettering

  1. Hey Zunaira! Looks like you are supered prepared to get into calligraphy with all your writing tools! Have you thought about getting an ink pen? Using ink calligraphy pens? While using these pens, you can really see a difference in how much pressure you use!


  2. I love the way your first calligraphy go turned out! I’m really excited to learn from your journey, as I’ve recently discovered bullet journaling via Pinterest. I would love to start one soon and have been looking to different resources for inspiration. Having some skill at calligraphy seems to be a must for pretty headings, and phrases. I can’t believe how simple phrases look so awesome and how little effort some calligraphers seem to use to create them! Next time I’m at an art store or staples I’ll keep my eyes open for the tools your using to get started, thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The best part about bullet journaling is that you can make it as fancy or as simple as you want! I’ve definitely played around with super minimal layouts to some that use lots of colour and headings. There’s inspiration everywhere! Hope you enjoy it if you do end up starting 🙂
      Thank you!


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