Engaging with a Broader Community

On Monday night, I participated in #COLchat, a twitter edchat based in Michigan. I heard about it through Kelly, who RT’d their chat reminder.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 5.02.19 PM

I was initially really nervous because I kept thinking about how it might be too fast-paced for me, but it was all for nothing; the chat was actually monitored by two people instead of one — Frank Bellomo and Walter Kozlowski — which made it easier to follow along. They would alternate between posting questions, and take their time; they also answered each others’ questions which helped all the other participants get to know them better, as well! I made lots of new connections and found new people to follow.

Using Tweetdeck was really advantageous because it made it so easy to keep track of tweets. I created five columns:

This format worked for me because I could keep track of all the tweets in the chat, the tweets that the moderators and I were sending out, and any replies or conversations that I was a part of.

The main theme of the chat was the information we (and our students) input. This lead to some interesting and informative conversations. Screenshotted below are some of the interactions I really enjoyed; some of the answers to Q6 of the chat (including @fbellomoB’s own) and some responses to Q2. It was great to have other members of the #edtc300 community be a part of this chat as well, as we really got to interact with one another.



4 thoughts on “Engaging with a Broader Community

  1. I am so happy to hear that you had such a positive experience using #COLchat! I have never heard of that chat myself, but have always had positive experiences using #saskedchat. The education community on Twitter is quite amazing in that we can connect so so many educators from around the world and engage in professional development at the click of a button!


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