Learning Project #4: Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy!

The wonderful thing about Tiggers… is that they bounce! As I was looking for techniques to space out my letters, since in my last post I realized that my letters were looking a bit too cramped, I came across this post.

The three techniques I will be trying based on this post are “bouncy script”, “fancy script”, and “tall & skinny script”.

1.Bouncy Script

Kiley says that to “bounce” letters, the easiest thing to do is to alternate between bigger ones and smaller ones. This gives the illusion of better spacing between them. As well, you can bounce as much or as little as you want, as shown in the attached graphic.

Here’s how it turned out for me:

I found that adding the loops underneath like Kiley suggested did nothing for me; it was easier to just think about alternating between big and small letters. I quite like this technique and it becomes easier the more I practice!

2.Fancy Script

Kiley says for “fancy” script, we can elongate the “connectors” of the letters to make the word spread out and look a little fancier. Here is how mine turned out:

I found that when writing like this, it was hard to focus on both the length of the connectors and the thickness of the downstrokes. I found myself using pressure on the upstrokes as well, so my letters ended up looking thick throughout. This is definitely something I like the look of, but I will have to keep at it!

3.Skinny Script

This, for me, was the toughest of the three! I found that my marker was way too thick to write skinny script, which is basically more “cramped” but also more elongated in terms of the letters’ height. Here is my first attempt writing out my cats’ names:

I just found it hard to control the thickness and the letters sort of look like blobs to me.

I tried again with the thin tip of the marker and liked this result quite a bit!

I like how this looks, even without the thick downstrokes. I could potentially use this for headings and such in future bullet journals.

While making these videos, I also used an app called Over (for iPhone). This was to create the timelapse videos and meld together my videos with their final-product photos, such as in the video for bouncy writing. I quite like how easy it was to use, and the templates provided by the app allowed me to quickly merge the pictures and videos I wanted. I definitely recommend checking it out!

What are your thoughts on these three new tips?

Which kind of script is your favourite? I like the bouncy script the best, and will be using it in the future for sure!

5 thoughts on “Learning Project #4: Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy!

  1. Zunaira, great blog post! I really liked how you incorporated videos and images of your work into your post as it really shows how your learning project is coming along! I also enjoyed how you incorporated a poll to get your readers interacting with your post as well as provides you with feedback. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I really enjoy making the time lapse videos, but I need to find a way to film them better because for these I held my phone up with my left hand while writing with my right one. I may have to invest in a phone stand or something to make it easier.


  2. So satisfying to watch people write! I love all the types but I think fancy is my favourite! One thing I would suggest is slowing down the time lapse videos just a bit and maybe adding photos of the end result beside the videos!
    Your whiteboard writing is going to be amazing after this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are good tips, thank you! I definitely want to look into different apps because I thought the time-lapse was a little too fast as well. And yes, I’ll put more photos in next time!
      Funnily enough, my writing on a white-board is not even close to this… it looks like scribbles. I hate the feeling of chalk but I find that my writing is a lot nicer on a chalkboard than it is with whiteboard markers!


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