Learning Project #6: Staying Grateful

So, I’ve found that my learning project has been weirdly tied to my emotions. The more I practice writing, I find myself wanting to write out quotes and sayings that reflect what I’m going through in my life. Perhaps that’s a little strange, and too-much-information when it comes to sharing, but it’s been nice to use calligraphy as a way to escape from reality and de-stress. It is actually quite calming! The effort and care I put into each letter requires all of my attention, so it makes it quite easy to forget my worries.

This week, I was feeling sort of emotionally drained. I put on some calming music by Sleeping at Last, and sat down to write. I came across the quote, “Start each day with a grateful heart” and immediately realized how I have to be appreciate of everything that happens in my life, the good and the bad. In my religion, we say the phrase “Alhumdulillah” whenever we want to thank God for something, and I realized that I have to stop thanking Him for just the good experiences and also thank Him for the bad ones; they always teach me something, and I often learn more about myself. So this week, that is what I wrote as I sat in my room to just have a nice, peaceful moment.


Here is the playlist I listen to when I am having these peaceful, relaxing moments!

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