Learning Project #10: Blending Tutorial

This week, I utilized the following Youtube video for inspiration:

The video makes blending colours look easy, but I found that it wasn’t turning out as beautiful as I wanted it to. Perhaps I have to invest in some nice, Broadline Crayola markers to get the same effect. I also did not have a bowl that my mother would let me ruin, so I used a trick I found online that says a plastic bag works just as well; I used a Ziplock bag:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 1.09.46 AM.png

Here are my results:


I found that the markers dried out a bit from rubbing them over the plastic bag; you can kind of see this at the start of the word “colourful”. Also, depending on the colours used, it was hard to actually see any blending happening. For the “this is super neat”, I mixed in a dark green marker with the red in the middle of writing: before writing “is”, “s”, “er”, and “n”. It varied in colour each time. I think I will definitely try blending again but maybe with better quality markes and a bowl like the video suggests.

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